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New Alfa Aesar Facility Brings Expanded Service

Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey Company, today announced the opening of a new 36,000 square foot bulk storage and handling facility adjacent to its existing distribution center in Ward Hill, Massachusetts. The new plant provides a significant increase in capacity to hold inventory of fine chemicals and materials for bulk and specialty sales customers, as well as in support of Alfa Aesar's growing catalog business.

The new building is equipped for the storage, handling and rapid dispatch of semi-bulk and bulk materials. It is divided into numerous hazardous material storage areas, each of which is outfitted with state of the art monitoring, suppression and containment systems. Operational capability in the new building is enhanced by significant cold storage and a high capacity hot box.

"The new building improves our ability to offer better customer service in the form of increased stocks of material," said Barry Singelais, Director of Alfa Aesar. "Currently we fill orders from stock at a high level and we are confident in our ability to rapidly move the product from the warehouse shelf to our customer. Now we have the increased capacity to offer even more from inventory, both in standard catalog pack sizes and in semi-bulk and bulk quantities."

The opening of the new facility comes on the heels of Alfa Aesar's integration of the Lancaster Synthesis range of products and subsequent publication of the "All in One" 2006-07 Catalog, which features the combined product ranges from Alfa Aesar, including the Lancaster Synthesis and Avocado Organics brands.


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