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New 2008/09 Catalog on CD-ROM Featuring Substructure Search

New 2008/09 Catalog on CD-ROM Featuring Substructure Search

The CD-ROM of the 2008/09 Catalog of Research Chemicals, Metals and Materials is now available.

The new CD version contains the full range of products from the print catalog, including over 3,000 new products. The CD includes a version of Molsearch software for structure and substructure searching allowing users to draw the molecule of their interest and find all matching Alfa Aesar products. Other searches can be conducted using a variety of fields from the full product database.

The CD also offers comprehensive reference data, including standardized reference fields such as CAS, MDL, and Merck numbers, as well as application and technical notes, environmental health and safety information, and pricing. Links to the online Alfa Aesar Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) pages are provided for each product.

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