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New Fine Chemicals & Catalysts Brochure

New Fine Chemicals & Catalysts Brochure

Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey company, has published a new Fine Chemicals & Catalysts brochure which explores the fine chemical production and service capabilities provided by Alfa Aesar.

The 16-page brochure begins by outlining the key capabilities of Alfa Aesar, including global manufacturing, global inventory, custom synthesis, customer service, quality control and global sourcing. The product offering is then examined in more detail to encompass organic intermediates and reagents; precious metal compounds and catalysts, including fuel cell products; and high purity inorganics, including Puratronic® High Purity Inorganics and REacton® Rare Earth Products. The brochure also covers additional resources provided by Alfa Aesar, such as a 2800-page catalog/handbook, accompanying CD-ROM, website, technical sales and support and more.

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