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New Nanoparticles and Dispersions Brochure

New Nanoparticles and Dispersions Brochure

Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey Company, announces the publication of an updated Nanoparticles and Dispersions brochure featuring products from Nanophase Technologies, Inc.

Alfa Aesar is the sole global distributor of research and development quantities for a group of raw nanoparticles and dispersions manufactured by Nanophase. Nanocrystalline powders typically have a mean particle size less than 100 nm, are non-porous single crystals, have defined surface chemistry, and are chemically pure. The dispersions in water or other liquids offer a more refined product allowing uniform distribution of material.

Included in the updated eight-page brochure are several new products, including aluminum oxide, antimony tin oxide, and zinc oxide in a variety of dispersions. The potential applications for these materials are virtually endless, and the brochure from Alfa Aesar promotes the availability of sample sizes to a broad research and development audience. The materials are in stock at Alfa Aesar and available for immediate shipment.

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