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New Precious Metal Compounds and Catalysts Catalog from Alfa Aesar

New Precious Metal Compounds and Catalysts Catalog from Alfa Aesar

A new Precious Metal Compounds and Catalysts catalog is now available from Alfa Aesar. This new 86-page publication lists a full range of precious metal (platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, gold, silver and osmium) chemicals and catalysts.

The catalog lists a comprehensive range of high purity Johnson Matthey heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts as well as three catalyst kits; Asymmetric Hydrogenation Ligand/Catalyst Kit, Advanced Coupling Kit and Mini Advanced Coupling Kit. The Introduction to Catalysis and Catalysts section provides in-depth background on historical aspects, general catalyst, advantages, disadvantages and reaction types associated with supported, unsupported and homogeneous catalysts and catalysis.

The catalog also offers proprietary Johnson Matthey product lines, such as the HiSPEC™ line of precious metal catalysts for fuel cell research. HiSPEC™ catalysts provide superior performance in proton exchange membrane (PEM) and direct methanol fuel cells. The product line consists of single and bimetallic supported and unsupported catalysts, which have been used with success in both anodes and cathodes. HiFUEL™ base metal catalysts and a range of fuel cell components are also included.

Other proprietary Johnson Matthey product lines listed include FibreCat™ Anchored Homogeneous Catalysts and Smopex┬«, QuadraPure™ and QuadraSil™ Scavenger Systems. These polymer-anchored materials for homogeneous catalysis help maintain the accessibility of the catalytic sites for diffusion of the starting materials and products. The Smopex┬« Precious Metal Scavenger System is one of the most efficient methods for removing metallic impurities in process catalysis.

Alfa Aesar carries a full range of Johnson Matthey precious metal catalysts and chemicals in-stock for immediate shipment. Plants in the USA and England have the stock and manufacturing capability to scale up to meet customers' needs on short notice. All catalysts are lot-traceable and certificates of analysis are available.

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