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Our Brands

Premion® | Puratronic® | REacton® | UltraDry® | Specpure® | Spectroflux®

Premion logo

Premion is Alfa Aesar's trademarked name for high purity precious metal compounds and pure elements. All Premion products automatically ship with a Certificate of Analysis which matches the appearance of the product labeling. Minimum purity for Premion pure elements is 99.99% (metals basis). The line of pure elements includes the following metals: Ruthenium (Ru), Osmium (Os), Rhodium (Rh), Iridium (Ir), Palladium (Pd), Platinum (Pt), Silver (Ag), and Gold (Au). Minimum purity for Premion compounds is 99.95% (metals basis). They include the compounds of the elements listed above.


Premion image

Puratronic logo

Alfa Aesar's large range of high purity inorganic compounds and metal powders make up the Puratronic brand line. Puratronic product purities are generally the highest available, typically 99.995% to 99.9999%, with some reaching 99.99995%. Alfa Aesar employs proprietary and proven processes to ensure the quality and purity of Puratronic products. Each step of the production process is carefully documented and strict quality controls are employed. All Puratronic products ship with a Certificate of Analysis which matches the appearance of product labeling.


Puratronic image

REacton logo

Alfa Aesar's high purity rare earth metals, alloys and compounds constitute the REacton product line. REacton rare earths feature extremely low impurity levels and exacting Certificates of Analysis are issued with each REacton product. Under the REacton name, Alfa Aesar offers a broad range of high purity rare earth materials, including Oxides, Halides, Carbonates, Nitrates, Acetates and more.


REacton image

UltraDry logo

Your first choice for air and moisture sensitive applications is the Ultra Dry line of materials. Ultra Dry compounds are manufactured under exacting conditions to ensure that oxygen and water impurities are in the parts per million range. Only high purity starting materials are used in manufacturing, which produces results in overall purities of 99.9% to 99.999%. All ultra dry salts are ampouled under argon and most are available in -10 mesh beads and in powder form.


UltraDry image

Specpure logo

Specpure is the tradename for Alfa Aesar's analytical standard solutions. Specpure standards are produced using the highest purity raw materials and ASTM Type I deionized water for the greatest calibration accuracy possible. All Specpure standards are shipped with a Certificate of Analysis which matches the appearance of product labels. Specpure AA standard solutions are accurate to ± 1.0% and plasma solutions to ± 0.3% or less.


Specpure image

Spectroflux logo

Spectroflux is Alfa Aesar's brand of alkali metal borate based fluxes prepared for use in a variety of analytical methods. A range of fluxes is available for use in methods such as direct reading optical or X-ray emission spectrometers, atomic absorption spectrometers, spectrophotometers, polarographs, ion selective electrodes, ICP or classical analytical techniques. Regardless of the method chosen, Spectroflux analytical fluxes offer the benefits of speed and analytical precision.


Spectroflux image