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Tween 20 washing buffer, 1.0% in PBS (20X) - J62844 - Alfa Aesar

J62844 Tween 20 washing buffer, 1.0% in PBS (20X)


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Tween 20 washing buffer, 1.0% in PBS (20X)

Chemische Eigenschaften

It is soluble in water.


It is used as wash buffers for ELISA, Western blot and other immunoassays as well as a blocking buffer for plate-based assays.


BUffer must be kept at 4°C for 1-2 weeks. For longer periods of time, buffer should be stored at -20°C. Solutions should be at ambient temperature prior to use. If crystallization occurs, gently warm and swirl the solution until crystals dissolve.


P Casali.; PH Lambert. Purification of soluble immune complexes from serum using polymethylmetacrylate beads coated with conglutinin or C1q. Application to the analysis of the of the components of in vitro formed immune complexes and of immune complexes occurring in vivo during leishmaniasis. Clin Exp Immunol. 1979, 37(2), 295-309.

RA Rush.; XF Zhou. Neurotrophin immunohistochemistry in peripheral tissues. Neurotrophin Protocols. 1979, 169(2), 21-29.

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  • H33271

    3-Chloro-5-(pentafluorothio)benzylamine, 97%
  • J67065

    Silver nanoparticles, 50nm, 0.02 mg/ml, supplied in 2mM sodium citrate, 425nm absorption
  • H56910

    2-Chloro-N-methylbenzamide, 97%
  • H55594

    7-Chloroisatin, 97%
  • A15338

    3,5-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde, 98%

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