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Ethidium bromide de-staining bags, with activation soln. - J62931 - Alfa Aesar

J62931 Ethidium bromide de-staining bags, with activation soln.


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Ethidium bromide de-staining bags, with activation soln.

Chemische Eigenschaften

It is soluble in water.


Ethidium bromide de-staining bags is used to safely remove ethidium bromide from solution during overnight treatment. Each bag extracts up to 5 mg of Ethidium Bromide from solution thus minimizing the exposure of research personnel to this material. The special absorbent mixture retains dye molecules in a convenient bag for removal and incineration. It provide a safer, more economical means for disposal of hazardous waste.


Destain overnight with gentle rocking or mixing


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L Britos.; G Goyenola.; SU Oroño. Simple protocol for secondary school hands-on activity: Electrophoresis of pre-stained nucleic acids on agar-agar borate gels. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education. 2004, 32, (5), 341-347.

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Harmonized Tariff Code


  • A16037

    Sodium hydroxide, pellets, 98%
  • L10410

    Hydriodic acid, 57% w/w aq. soln., stab with 1.5% hypophosphorous acid
  • J62282

    Ethidium bromide soln., 10mg/ml
  • H59433

    6-Chloro-3-iodoimidazo[1,2-a]pyridine, 95%

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