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DiI-Lipoprotein, low density, oxidized, human plasma, BT-920 - 3,3'-Dioctadecyloxacarbocyanine-oxidized low density lipoprotein - DiI-Ox-LDL - J64164 - Alfa Aesar

J64164 DiI-Lipoprotein, low density, oxidized, human plasma, BT-920

3,3'-Dioctadecyloxacarbocyanine-oxidized low density lipoprotein

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DiI-Lipoprotein, low density, oxidized, human plasma, BT-920

Chemische Eigenschaften

Light Sensitive


DiI-Ox-LDL has a high receptor binding affinity and is a known cholesterol delivery enhancer. DiI-lipoprotein accepts florescence during cell labeling and enhances the cell culture preparation for distinct features during flow cytometry identification.DiI-Lipoprotein, low density, oxidized, human plasma is used for the identification and observation of foam cells in culture using fluorescence microscopy or by cell sorting. Further, it induces foam cell formation in macrophages.


Store at 4°C. Short shelf life: up to 6 weeks.Light sensitive. Store in a cool place. Incompatible with oxidizing agents, light and heat.


Cerrato, F.; Fernández-Suárez, M. E.; Alonso, R.; Alonso, M.; Vázquez, C.; Pastor, O.; Mata, P.; Lasunción, M. A.; Gómez-Coronado, D. Clinically used selective oestrogen receptor modulators increase LDL receptor activity in primary human lymphocytes. Br. J. Pharmacol. 2015, 172 (5), 1379-1394.

Aranda, J. F.; Canfrán-Duque, A.; Goedeke, L.; Suárez, Y.; Fernández-Hernando, C. The miR-199-dynamin regulatory axis controls receptor-mediated endocytosis. J. Cell Sci. 2015, 128, 3197-3209.

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