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Anti-GFAP antibody, from rabbit, BT-575 - J64334 - Alfa Aesar

J64334 Anti-GFAP antibody, from rabbit, BT-575


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Anti-GFAP antibody, from rabbit, BT-575


Chemische Eigenschaften



Suitable for immunohistochemical applications (1:100 to 1:250) and Western blotting (1:500 to 1:1,000)Anti-GFAP antibody, from rabbit is used to tag glial fibrillary acidic protein for detection and quantitation by Western blotting and immunohistochemical (IHC) techniques. It is used as a probe to determine the roles of glial fibrillary acidic protein in cell, cell communications, mitosis and cell structure. Further, it is a valuable tool for use in immunocytochemical localization of GFAP in normal central nervous system tissue, certain tumors and metastases of the glial antigen, as well as for immunofluorescent labeling of cultured mammalian cells.


Store in a cool place. Incompatible with oxidizing agents and heat.


Wilding, C.; Bell, K.; Funke, S.; Beck, S.; Pfeiffer, N.; Grus, F. H. GFAP antibodies show protective effect on oxidatively stressed neuroretinal cells via interaction with ERP57. J. Pharmacol. Sci. 2015, 127 (3), 298-304.

Fragoso, Y. D.; Stoney, P. N.; Shearer, K. D.; Sementilli, A.; Nanescu, S. E.; Sementilli, P.; McCaffery, P. Expression in the human brain of retinoic acid induced 1, a protein associated with neurobehavioural disorders. Brain Struct. Funct. 2015, 220 (2), 1195-1203.

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  • A14522

    2-Hydroxypyridine, 98%
  • A18619

    Methyl 4-tert-butylbenzoate, 98+%
  • H26472

    2,3-Diamino-6-methoxypyridine dihydrochloride, 96%
  • 40155

    Silicon carbide, alpha-phase, 99.8% (metals basis)
  • H30410

    3-Chloro-5-fluorophenylacetonitrile, 97%

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