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Lipoprotein Deficient Serum, human, BT-931 - h-LPDS - Human Serum, lipoprotein deficient - J65516 - Alfa Aesar

J65516 Lipoprotein Deficient Serum, human, BT-931

Human Serum, lipoprotein deficient

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25ml 260,00
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Lipoprotein Deficient Serum, human, BT-931

Chemische Eigenschaften

Immiscible with water.


Each lot is evaluated in culture with our LDLs to determine the degree of up regulation of LDL receptors.Lipoprotein Deficient Serum human is used in cell culture medium. It inhibits the transfer of unesterified cholesterol from low density lipoprotein to high density lipoprotein. Further, it is useful as media supplement for lipoprotein uptake and metabolism studies.


Store frozen (-20° C). Stable for 6-12 months if frozen.Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.


Martínez-Bujidos, M.; Rull, A.; González-Cura, B.; Pérez-Cuéllar, M.; Montoliu-Gaya, L.; Villegas, S.; Ordóñez-Llanos, J.; Sánchez-Quesada, J. L. Clusterin/apolipoprotein J binds to aggregated LDL in human plasma and plays a protective role against LDL aggregation. FASEB J. 2015, 29 (5), 1688-1700.

Tavori, H.; Fan, D.; Blakemore, J. L.; Yancey, P. G.; Ding, L.; Linton, M. F.; Fazio, S. Serum Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/Kexin Type 9 and Cell Surface Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor Evidence for a Reciprocal Regulation. Circulation 2013, 127 (24), 2403-2413.

Rull, A.; Martínez-Bujidos, M.; Pérez-Cuellar, M.; Pérez, A.; Ordóñez-Llanos, J.; Sanchez-Quesada, J. L. Apolipoprotein J distribution among lipoprotein fractions in normolipemia and hyperlipemia. Atherosclerosis 2014, 235 (2), e204-e205.

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  • 43337

    Graphite fusion crucible lid for stock number 14747, 3.2cm (1.25in) dia, 0.48cm (0.19in) thick
  • A18924

    2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid, 98%
  • L17286

    1-Chloro-3-fluoro-2-propanol, 95%
  • H28366

    2,6-Dimethoxynaphthalene, 99%
  • H32759

    3-Ethoxy-2,4-difluorophenylacetonitrile, JRD, 97%

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