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79620-28-3 - Amberlite® IRC-748, ion exchange resin - L19570 - Alfa Aesar

L19570 Amberlite® IRC-748, ion exchange resin


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Amberlite® IRC-748, ion exchange resin


Chemische Eigenschaften

Insoluble in water.


Amberlite|r IRC-748, ion exchange resin is used as a chelating resin with high affinity for heavy metal cations compared to alkali or alkaline earth metals. It is also utilized in metal-chelation applications. Further, it is used in purification of brine in the chloralkali industry as well as the purification of process streams having trace metals. In addition to this, it is used in the electroplating industry and in the recovery of heavy metals from hydrometallurgical leach streams.


Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.


Iminodiaceticacid chelating resin for metals removal. Exhibits high selectivity for Ca, Mg and Sr in chloroalkali brines. Also selectively removes heavy metal cations in the presence of alkali metal ions in process and waste streams.

Yu, Z.; Qi, T.; Qu, J.; Guo, Y. Application of mathematical models for ion-exchange removal of calcium ions from potassium chromate solutions by Amberlite IRC 748 resin in a continuous fixed bed column. Hydrometallurgy 2015, 158, 165-171.

da Silva, M. G. C.; Canevesi, R. L. S.; Welter, R. A.; Vieira, M. G. A.; da Silva, E. A. Chemical equilibrium of ion exchange in the binary mixture Cu2+ and Ca2+ in calcium alginate. Adsorption 2015, 21 (6), 445-458.

Weitere Referenzen

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