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An antibody, or immunoglobulin, is a protein produced by the immune system when it detects harmful substances called antigens. Typically the antigen is a protein, but polysaccharides, lipids, and nucleic acids can also be antigenic. Antibodies bind antigens preventing them from entering or damaging cells. Antibodies also stimulate removal of antigens by triggering the appropriate antigen destruction pathway in the immune system. Each antibody consists of four polypeptides û two heavy chains and two light chains joined to form a Y shaped molecule. Antibodies are divided into five major classes, IgM, IgG, Iga, IgD, and IgE, based on the type of heavy chains they possess. Different antibodies perform different roles, and help direct the appropriate immune response for each type of antigen they encounter. Alfa Aesar produces antibodies to several cytoskeletal proteins, lipoproteins and growth factors.

  • Anti-cyclic AMP antibody, from rabbit, BT-330
  • Anti-cyclic GMP antibody, from rabbit, BT-342
  • Anti-Cytokeratin antibody, from rabbit, whole serum, BT-571
  • Anti-GFAP antibody, from rabbit, BT-575
  • Anti-Human Epidermal Growth Factor antibody, from rabbit, whole serum, BT-580
  • Anti-Human Involucrin antibody from rabbit, BT-601
  • Anti-Human LDL antibody, from rabbit, BT-905
  • Anti-Mouse Nerve Growth Factor 2.5S antibody, from rabbit, BT-555
  • Anti-Mouse Osteocalcin antibody, from goat, whole serum, BT-592
  • Anti-Myosin antibody, from rabbit, BT-564
  • Anti-Myosin (Smooth Muscle) Heavy Chain antibody, from rabbit, BT-562
  • Anti-Rabbit IgG-FITC from goat, BT-557
  • Anti-Rabbit IgG, from goat, BT-579
  • Anti-Rabbit IgG-TRITC, from goat, BT-558
  • Anti-Tamm Horsfall Glycoprotein antibody, from rabbit, BT-590
  • Human Involucrin Localization Kit, BT-600


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