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38326 Platinum, 10% on activated carbon powder, standard, unreduced, nominally 50% water wet

CAS Number

Stock No. Size Price ($) Quantity Availability
38326-06 5g 114.00
38326-14 25g 566.00
38326-22 100g 2167.00
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Platinum, 10% on activated carbon powder, standard, unreduced, nominally 50% water wet


Chemical Properties

Storage & Sensitivity
Ambient temperatures.
Soluble in aqua regia. Insoluble in water and acid.


Platinum is used in catalytic converters, laboratory equipment, electrical application and electrodes, platinum resistance thermometers, dentistry equipment, and jeweler. It also used in glass fiber applications, chemical processing, off-road vehicles and fuel cells. As catalyst for curing of plastics, as catalyst for dehydrogenation, isomerization, and oxidation in the production of sulfuric, nitric, and organic acids and amines, for surgical instruments and implants. Platinum nanoparticles are used in scanning probes (microscopy) and catalysts. Catalyst used for the hydrogenation of alkenes, alkynes, nitro groups, ketones, aromatics, used for hydrogenolysis of cyclopropanes, catalyzes oxidation of alcohols. Schiff's base and nitrohydrogenation, hydrosilation.


Sold on a dry weight basis. Unit weight excludes water weight

Literature References

Chauhan M, et al. Hydrosilylation of alkynes catalyzed by platinum on carbon. J. Organomet. Chem., 2002, 645 (1), 1-13.

Bruno MM, et al. Platinum supported on mesoporous carbon as cathode catalyst for direct methanol fuel cells. J. Power Sources., 2015, 278 458-463.

Hazard Statements:

Other References

Harmonized Tariff Code


  • 11749

    Ruthenium, 5% on alumina powder
  • 11761

    Rhodium, 5% on activated carbon powder, Type C101038-5, reduced, nominally 50% water wet
  • 11770

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    Palladium, 10% on activated carbon powder, standard, unreduced, nominally 50% water wet
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    Platinum, 10% on activated carbon powder, standard, reduced, nominally 50% water wet

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