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43147 Methyl cellulose, viscosity 400 cPs

CAS Number

Stock No. Size Price ($) Quantity Availability
43147-22 100g 32.20
43147-36 500g 139.00
43147-A4 2.5kg 348.00
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Methyl cellulose, viscosity 400 cPs


Chemical Properties

Storage & Sensitivity
Ambient temperatures.
Soluble in cold water.


Methyl cellulose is used as a thickener and emulsifier in various food and cosmetic products like hair shampoos, toothpastes and liquid soaps. It is used in the preparation of capsules in nutritional supplements. It is also used as a gel in advanced cookery and as a lubricant. It is also involved in the treatment of constipation. It acts as a buffer additive in capillary electrophoresis to control electoosmotic flow for improved separations. Further, it is used as a performance additive in construction materials and as sizing in the production of papers and textiles.


Viscosity: 300-560 cPs for a 2% aqueous solution at 20°C.Hygroscopic. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, bleach, perchloric acid, nitric acid, perchlorates, sodium chlorate, fluorine, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate, alkali nitrates, alkali nitrites and calcium oxide.

Literature References

Allahbash, S.; Nicolai, T.; Chassenieux, C.; Tassin, J. F.; Benyahia, L.; Weiss, P.; Rethore, G. Interplay of thermal and covalent gelation of silanized hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose gels. Carbohydr. Polym. 2015, 115, 510-515.


Chinnam, P. R.; Zhang, H.; Wunder, S. L. Blends of Pegylated Polyoctahedralsilsesquioxanes (POSS-PEG) and Methyl Cellulose as Solid Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries. Electrochim. Acta 2015, 170, 191-201.

Other References

Harmonized Tariff Code


  • 16639

    Lanthanum(III) carbonate hydrate, 99.9% (REO)
  • 36718

    Methyl cellulose, viscosity 4000 cPs
  • 43146

    Methyl cellulose, viscosity 1600 cPs
  • 43483

    Methyl cellulose, viscosity 8000 cPs
  • 45490

    Methyl cellulose, viscosity 15 cPs

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