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A12732 Polyvinyl acetate, M.W. ca 50,000

CAS Number

Polyvinyl acetate, M.W. ca 50,000


Chemical Properties

Storage & Sensitivity
Ambient temperatures.
Soluble in ketones, ethers and aromatic hydrocarbons.


Polyvinyl acetate is used as an adhesive for porous materials such as wood, paper, cloth and in handicrafts. It also finds application as a primer for drywall, as wallpaper adhesive, as the film-forming ingredient in water-based (latex) paints and as an envelope adhesive. It is used as a raw material for the preparation of other polymers like polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl acetate phthalate (PVAP). It plays an important role in the lamination of metal foils.


Store in cool place. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents and strong bases.

Literature References

Prosini, P. P.; Carewska, M.; Masci, A. A high voltage cathode prepared by using polyvinyl acetate as a binder. Solid State Ionics 2015, 274, 88-93.

Lin, Q.; Fu, Y.; Li, J.; Qu, M.; Deng, L.; Gong, T.; Zhang, Z. A (polyvinyl caprolactam-polyvinyl acetate-polyethylene glycol graft copolymer)-dispersed sustained-release tablet for imperialine to simultaneously prolong the drug release and improve the oral bioavailability. Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. 2015, 79, 44-52.

Other References

Harmonized Tariff Code


  • A10163

    Potassium sodium L-tartrate tetrahydrate, 99%
  • A10315

    Glycine ethyl ester hydrochloride, 99%
  • A10324

    Bisphenol A, 97+%
  • B24784

    Sodium phosphonoformate hexahydrate, 98+%
  • 41242

    Polyvinyl alcohol, 98-99% hydrolyzed, medium molecular weight

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