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J65261 Lipoprotein, low density, oxidized, human plasma, Hi-TBAR, 99%, BT-910X

CAS Number
Oxidized LDL

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Lipoprotein, low density, oxidized, human plasma, Hi-TBAR, 99%, BT-910X


Chemical Properties

Storage & Sensitivity
Keep Cold.


Oxidized LDL induces foam cell formation in some macrophage cell lines. Research on foam cell formation is relevant to the study of atherosclerosis. Cellular exposure to ox-LDL results is the formation of lipid droplets containing cholesteryl esters in the cytoplasm of the macrophage as the lipoprotein particles are metabolized by the cell.Lipoprotein, low density, oxidized, human plasma, is used to induce foam cell formation in macrophages.


TBARS: greater than equal to 45nmoles MDA/mg. Supplied at 1mg/ml in 1X phosphate-buffered saline, pH 7.4 and 0.3 mM EDTA. Aseptically packaged and sterile filtered. Store at 4°C. Do not freeze. Short shelf life: up to 6 weeks.

Literature References

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Zhong, Q.; Zhao, S.; Yu, B.; Wang, X.; Matyal, R.; Li, Y.; Jiang, Z. High-density Lipoprotein Increases the Uptake of Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein via PPARgamma/CD36 Pathway in Inflammatory Adipocytes. Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2015, 11 (3), 256-265.

Other References

Harmonized Tariff Code


  • L20266

    2,4-Difluorophenylglyoxal hydrate, 95%, dry wt. basis
  • H54427

    3,5-Difluorobenzylmagnesium bromide, 0.25M in 2-MeTHF
  • A13794

    4-Aminobenzonitrile, 98%
  • H34138

    Benzeneruthenium(II) chloride, dimer, 97%
  • H31741

    N-Benzyloxycarbonyl-D-leucine dicyclohexylammonium salt

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