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L05454 Molecular sieves, 4A, -8+12 (ca 2mm) beads

CAS Number

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L05454-30 250g 36.00
L05454-0B 1000g 89.50
L05454-0I 5000g 262.00
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Molecular sieves, 4A, -8+12 (ca 2mm) beads


Chemical Properties

Storage & Sensitivity
Hygroscopic. Store under Argon. Ambient temperatures.
Insoluble in cold water, hot water, methanol, diethyl ether, n-octanol and acetone.


Molecular sieves, 4 Å is used to absorb molecules as large as butane. It is utilized for the separation of natural gas, liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and alkenes. It finds application in the refining and purification of liquid and gases. It is also used for drying and purification of air, inert gases and solvents. It is actively involved to remove methanol, carbon dioxide and ammonia from fluid streams. It plays a vital role to remove heavy metal ions available in water. It is also used as a soap forming agent and as a detergent auxiliary. It has been considered as a general-purpose drying agent in polar and non polar media.


Molecular sieve must be "activated" to remove all traces of water and other volatile compounds. Normally, this involves heating the sieves to 200° to 315° C for about 15 hours.

Literature References

Molecular sieve of 4 Angstrom pore size useful in general liquid and gas drying applications.

Liu, S. L.; Dong, X. Y.; Wei, F.; Wang, X.; Lv, X.; Zhong, J.; Wu, L.; Quek, S. Y.; Chen, H. Ultrasonic pretreatment in lipase-catalyzed synthesis of structured lipids with high 1, 3-dioleoyl-2-palmitoylglycerol content. Ultrason. Sonochem. 2015, 23, 100-108.

Fatemi, S.; Gernigon, N.; Hall, D. G. A multigram-scale lower E-factor procedure for MIBA-catalyzed direct amidation and its application to the coupling of alpha and beta aminoacids. Green Chem. 2015, 17, (7), 4016-4028.

Other References

Harmonized Tariff Code


  • A11535

    Molecular sieves, 4A, powder
  • A12728

    Silicone oil, for oil baths, usable range from -40 to +200°C
  • L00286

    3-Chloroperoxybenzoic acid, 50-55%, cont. ca 10% 3-chlorobenzoic acid, balance water
  • L05335

    Molecular sieves, 3A, 1-2mm (0.04-0.08in) beads
  • L05466

    Molecular sieves, 4A, 3-5mm (0.12-0.20in) beads

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