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Environmental Grade

Environmental grade solvents are specially made for trace environmental analysis. These solvents have extremely low levels of trihalomethanes, organohalides and organic hydrocarbon residue. The extremely low level impurities results in a clean baseline and increases the sensitivity of detection to pictogram level.

Environmental grade solvents are used for the trace analysis of polyaromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, protecting agents of stored goods and plants etc. The detection of these trace level compounds is important as many of them are toxic or mutagenic in nature and causes concern to environment.

These solvents can be directly used in HPLC and GC instruments by using UV, Fluorescence, FID, ECD, MS & NPD detectors.

  • 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane, Environmental Grade, 99.5+%
  • Acetic acid, Environmental Grade Plus, 99.4% min
  • Acetone, Environmental Grade, 99.5+%
  • Acetonitrile, Environmental Grade, 99.7+%
  • Ammonium hydroxide, Environmental Grade, 20-22% NH<sub>3</sub>
  • Chloroform, Environmental Grade, 99.8+%, stab. with ethanol
  • Cyclohexane, Environmental Grade, 99.7+%
  • Dichloromethane, Environmental Grade, 99.8+%, stab. with amylene
  • Ethyl acetate, Environmental Grade, 99.5+%
  • Hexanes, mixed isomers, Environmental Grade
  • Hydrochloric acid, Environmental Grade, 34-37.5%
  • Hydrofluoric acid, Environmental Grade Plus, 47-51%
  • Methanol, Environmental Grade, 99.8+%
  • n-Heptane, Environmental Grade, 96+%
  • n-Hexane, Environmental Grade, 95+%
  • Nitric acid, Environmental Grade, 67-70%
  • Nitric acid, Environmental Grade Plus, 68-70%
  • n-Pentane, Environmental Grade, 98+%
  • Perchloric acid, Environmental Grade, 67-71%
  • Petroleum ether 35/60, Environmental Grade
  • Sulfuric acid, Environmental Grade, 93-98%
  • Sulfuric acid, Environmental Grade Plus, 93-98%
  • Toluene, Environmental Grade, 99.8+%


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