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Inconel® nickel-chromium-iron alloy 601 is a general purpose engineering material for applications that require resistance to heat and corrosion. Inconel has excellent resistance to oxidation in the 1000 to 1200 degree Centigrade temperature range and also has good corrosion resistance to many acid and aqueous salt solutions.

The limiting chemical composition of the alloy is as follows:

Limiting Chemical Composition, %, of Inconel® alloy 601.

  • Nickel 58.0-63.0
  • Chromium - 21.0-25.0
  • Iron - Remainder
  • Aluminum - 1.0-1.7
  • Carbon - 0.10 max
  • Manganese - 1.0 max
  • Sulfur - 0.015 max
  • Silicon - 0.50 max
  • Copper - 1.0 max
Inconel® nickel-chromium-iron alloy 601 may be your answer to high-temperature applications requiring resistance to oxidation and spalling. In addition to its resistance to corrosive oxidation, the alloy is also unaffected by rapid changes from hot to cold, and it also retains its mechanical strength at elevated temperatures. The high resistance of Inconel® Alloy 601 to oxidation, carburization or sulfidation make it well suited for vessels used in determining moisture, volatiles, fixed-carbon and ash located in most coal and coke products, or wood pulp or fiber.

It has also been recommended for use in drying and ashing biological materials whose residues are soluble in dilute acid or alkali for subsequent analysis. Trace-level determinations of principal constituent elements are excluded.

Smoothing and reshaping after use is not necessary. Uniform heating is assured, since the inherent strength of Inconel® alloy 601 laboratory ware precludes the necessity of reinforced rims and thicker bottoms. The vessels can be cleaned simply by scouring with sea-sand or some other mild abrasive.

NOTE: Strong alkaline or oxidizing fusions are not recommended with Inconel® Alloy 601 laboratory ware.
*Inconel is a trademark for products of Huntington Alloys, Inc.

  • Inconel Cover for Crucible 35911, 10ml
  • Inconel Cover for Crucible 35932, 15ml
  • Inconel Cover for Crucible 35953, 20ml
  • Inconel Cover for Crucible 35974, 25ml
  • Inconel Cover for Crucible 36012, 45ml
  • Inconel Cover for Crucible 36052, 100ml
  • Inconel Cover for Crucible 36072, 55ml
  • Inconel Cover for Crucible 36090, 500ml
  • Inconel Cover for Crucible 36102, 250ml


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