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Magnetic Susceptibility Balances

For educators and laboratory professionals who have long struggled with the Gouy method, an awkward traditional technique for the measurement of magnetic susceptibility, an amazingly simplified alternative is now available. These Magnetic Susceptibility Balances are a revolutionary testing device offering unparalleled advantages over traditional techniques. Two models are available, the original MSB-I and the Mark II.

MKII Magnetic Susceptibility Balance

The enhanced features incorporated into the MKII unit are aimed at industrial quality control and analytical applications. The versatility and sensitivity makes it particularly suited to research and analytical methods development.

This balance is based on the Evans design and has all the advantages of the MSB-1 and much more. Compare these features:

This balance weighs just 5 pounds (2.3 pounds less than the MSB-I) and comes supplied with its own rechargeable battery supply which allows 8 hours of operation away from a power supply. It comes fully operational in its own carrying case. A simply applied, external travel clamp and adjustable level control makes it easy to transport and set-up...ready in less than a minute.

Efficiency and Simplicity through Microprocessor Control
An 8751 microprocessor has the balance calibration constant entered during manufacture. The digital units are displayed directly in cgs volume susceptibility units without further adjustment. Mass susceptibility can be read directly by entering the sample length and weight. Sensors automatically detect and correct for different diameters of sample tubes available.

In addition to the direct digital read-out, an analogue output for a chart recorder is available as well as an RS232 interface for your computer. Also included is easy to use, menu-driven software that greatly simplifies data collection, analysis, and storage.

The balance automatically zeros itself when a sample tube is not in position so it is always ready for use. The Auto-tare facility is implemented by simply pushing the tare button with a blank tube in the sample position.

The sample handling detector is separated from the read-out and controls which are situated on a hand-held unit. (This is particularly useful when analyzing hazardous materials.)

The balance comes equipped with the following sample tubes which are intended to expand the range of new applications which are now possible: two standard sample tubes (4mm OD), one large sample tube (5mm OD)(an approximate 60% increase in sample volume), one solution flow cell and one gas-tight/air-sensitive sample tube.

The MKII can now measure from 1.000 x 10-3 to 0.001 x 10-7 c.g.s. units in volume magnetic susceptibility units. (This is two orders of magnitude more sensitive than the MSB-I which is itself as sensitive as most traditional methods.)

  • Air Sensitive Sample Tubes
  • Calibration standard for MSB
  • Flow Cell
  • Holder for sample tubes
  • Large Sample Tubes, 5mm OD
  • Magnetic Susceptibility Balance, MKII, 115V
  • Magnetic Susceptibility Balance, MKII, 220V
  • MKII normal tube adapter
  • Standard Sample Tube, 3.24mm ID
  • Thin-Bore Sample Tube, 2mm ID
  • Torsion wire for Magnetic Susceptibility Balance
  • Ultra thin-bore sample tubes, 1mm ID, <3.98mm OD


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