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Magnetic Susceptibility Balances

For educators and laboratory professionals who have long struggled with the Gouy method, an awkward traditional technique for the measurement of magnetic susceptibility, an amazingly simplified alternative is now available. These Magnetic Susceptibility Balances are a revolutionary testing device offering unparalleled advantages over traditional techniques. Two models are available, the original MSB-I and the Mark II.

Advantages of the MSB-1

The balance is compact, portable, lightweight and reasonably priced. For classroom or laboratory use, installation is a snap. Just plug it into any standard 115VAC/220VAC source.

Easy to Operate
Measurement of magnetic susceptibility has never been simpler. You merely insert the sample tube and instantly read the voltage from the digital voltmeter. This read-out is used in a simple equation to provide a quick, reliable measurement of magnetic susceptibility.

Measurements can be made on a wide range of both solid and liquid paramagnetic and diamagnetic materials. Even with small samples, you can get accurate measurements. The balance normally works with a sample weight of about 250mg. By using a thin bore or ultra-thin bore sample tube, as little as 100mg or 50mg is required to obtain an accurate measurement.

Since sensitivity and accuracy levels achieved with this technique are comparable to traditional methods, you obtain measurements you can rely on. You enjoy tremendous cost savings without sacrificing either accuracy or sensitivity.

  • Air Sensitive Sample Tubes
  • Calibration standard for MSB
  • Coil/pcb assembly for MSB-1
  • Flow Cell
  • Holder for sample tubes
  • Large Sample Tubes, 5mm OD
  • Magnetic Susceptibility Balance, MSB-1, 115V
  • Magnetic Susceptibility Balance, MSB-1, 220V
  • Power supply unit for MSB-1
  • Spirit level for MSB-1
  • Standard Sample Tube, 3.24mm ID
  • Thin-Bore Sample Tube, 2mm ID
  • Torsion wire for Magnetic Susceptibility Balance
  • Travel clamp for MSB-1
  • Tube guide assembly for MSB-1
  • Ultra thin-bore sample tubes, 1mm ID, <3.98mm OD


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