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The POCO graphite electron beam evaporation crucibles are designed to offer E-Beam users improved evaporation performance over that obtainable in bare hearth mode. Our graphite crucible acts as an “energy efficient” thermal barrier between the molten evaporant and the water cooled copper hearth.

This will allow an increased deposition rate of up to 400% with the same power, or the same deposition using only 25% of the power, when compared to evaporation from a bare hearth. In some applications, the high power required to achieve an economical deposition rate can emit a form of radiation that can damage the devices on the wafers. POCO’s crucible can allow a much lower power setting while maintaining an acceptable deposition rate.

POCO Electron Beam Evaporation Crucibles exhibit long life due to the unique microstructure and high strength of the material.

Other properties include:

  • ultrafine-grain
  • isotropic microstructure
  • high density
  • strong polycrystalline material
  • inter-connecting porosity
  • purified to below 5 ppm

  • Fabmate Electron Beam Crucible, 99.995%;Cap(ml),8.2;Top OD(mm),37.59;Ht(mm),17.02;Wall Thickness(mm), 3.18;Angle, 15°
  • POCO Electron Beam Crucible, 99.995%;Cap(ml),16.9;Top OD(mm),50.80;Ht(mm),26.97;Wall Thickness(mm),6.35;Angle,15°
  • POCO Electron Beam Crucible, 99.995%;Cap(ml),28.6;Top OD(mm),56.18;Ht(mm),35.56;Wall Thickness(mm),2.36;Angle,15°
  • POCO Electron Beam Crucible, 99.995%;Cap(ml),2.8;Top OD(mm),19.84;Ht(mm),11.10;Wall Thickness(mm),1.58;Angle,14°
  • POCO Electron Beam Crucible, 99.995%;Cap(ml),30.2;Top OD(mm),50.80;Ht(mm),26.97;Wall Thickness(mm),2.36;Angle,15°
  • POCO Electron Beam Crucible, 99.995%;Cap(ml),3.7;Top OD(mm), 28.58;Ht(mm),13.20;Wall Thickness(mm),2.36;Angle,15°
  • POCO Electron Beam Crucible, 99.995%;Cap(ml),4.4;Top OD(mm),29.64;Ht(mm),14.30;Wall Thickness(mm),2.36;Angle,15°
  • POCO Electron Beam Crucible, 99.995%;Cap(ml),47.6;Top OD(mm),56.18;Ht(mm),35.56;Wall Thickness(mm),2.36;Angle,15°


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