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Proteins are comprised of one or more peptide chains, typically folded into a globular or fibrous form in a biologically functional way. A protein function is determined by its amino acid composition and also by its structure. Proteins have many different functions in biology including molecular transport, catalysis, and cellular signaling. Proteins can also have structural functions in cells. These structural proteins are frequently found in connective tissues such as cartilage, and also in hair, nails and animal shells. To review all biochemicals offered on this website check the main categories under Life Sciences which include both Thermo Scientific and Alfa Aesar product options.

  • Aprotinin, from bovine lung, Thermo Scientific
  • Bacteriological Peptone, Ultrapure, Thermo Scientific
  • Casein, Hammarsten, Ultrapure, Thermo Scientific
  • Casein, high nitrogen, Ultrapure, Thermo Scientific
  • Casein hydrolysate, enzymatic digest, Ultrapure, Thermo Scientific
  • Lysozyme, chicken egg white, Ultrapure, Affymetrix/USB


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