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Element Description

Carbon, widely distributed in nature, is the active element in photosynthesis and thus is found in all plant and animal life. It is a significant component of the sun, stars, comets, and most planets. Free carbon in nature occurs in three allotropic forms: amorphous, graphite, and diamond, with graphite being one of the softest known solids, and diamond being one of the hardest. Properties of final carbon products can be controlled by the manufacturing process and the type of carbon selected as raw material. There are millions of known carbon compounds, many of which are vital to organic life processes.

Property Name Property Value Property Name Property Value
Atomic Code (6C12.011) Heat of Vaporization 171.7k-cal/g-atom
CAS # 7440-44-0 Atomic Volume 5.3W/D
First Ionization Energy 260K-cal/g-mole
Melting Point (graphite) 3652-3697°C(sublimes) Electronegativity 2.5Pauling's
Density 2.26g/cm3 Covalent Radius 0.77Angstroms
Themal Conductivity 0.057cal/cm2/cm/s/°C Electrical Resistivity @ 20°C 1375µΩ-cm
Specific Heat @ 25°C 0.165cal/g°C Crystal Structure Hexagonal


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