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MERCURY (80Hg200.59)

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Also known as "quicksilver", mercury is the only common metal that is liquid at room temperature. It is silvery-white, extremely dense and mobile. In its solid form, mercury is tin-white, ductile, and malleable. It is a poor conductor of heat, a fair conductor of electricity, and one of the more volatile metals. Mercury easily makes alloys with metals, such as gold, silver, and tin, known as amalgams.

Property Name Property Value Property Name Property Value
Atomic Code (80Hg200.59) Atomic Volume 14.8W/D
CAS # 7439-97-6 First Ionization Energy 241K-cal/g-mole
Electronegativity 1.9Pauling's
Melting Point -38.87°C Covalent Radius 1.49Angstroms
Boiling Point 356.73°C Volume Coefficient of Expansion @ 20°C 182x10-6K-1
Density @ 120°C 13.534g/cm3 Electrical Resistivity @ 20°C 95.8x10-6µΩ-cm
Themal Conductivity 0.022cal/cm2/cm/s/°C Crystal Structure Rhombohedral
Specific Heat @ 25°C 0.033cal/g°C Compressibility @ 20°C 4x10-6 per atm, 99-493atm
Heat of Fusion 2.82cal/g Magnetic Moment +0.4993nuclear magnetons
Latent Heat of Vaporization 65cal/g Magnetic Susceptibility @ 18°C -0.15x10-6cgs


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