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Element Description

A dark gray or black lustrous powder, molybdenum was confused with graphite and lead ore before being recoginized as a new element. The metal, silvery-white, is very hard, but is softer and more ductile than tungsten. Molybdenum has a very high, melting point and is valuable for alloying, as it improves hardenability and toughness of quenched and tempered steels.

Property Name Property Value Property Name Property Value
Atomic Code (42Mo95.94) Atomic Volume 9.4W/D
CAS # 7439-98-7 First Ionization Energy 166K-cal/g-mole
Electronegativity 1.8Pauling's
Melting Point 2623°C Covalent Radius 1.30Angstroms
Boiling Point 4639°C Linear Coefficient of Expansion @ 20°C 5.1x10-6K-1
Density 10.22g/cm3 Electrical Resistivity @ 0°C 5.17µΩ-cm
Themal Conductivity 0.325cal/cm2/cm/s/°C Crystal Structure Cubic, body centered
Specific Heat @ 20°C 0.062cal/g°C Vapor Pressure @ 3227°C 8.6x10-4atm
Heat of Fusion 67cal/g Magnetic Susceptibility @ 25°C 0.93x10-6cgs
Heat of Vaporization 1175cal/mol


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