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PRASEODYMIUM (59Pr140.90765)

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Praseodymiun is a soft, silvery-yellow, malleable, ductile metal. More resistant to corrosion in air than some other rare earths, it develop a green oxide coating that spalls off when exposed to air. Praseodymium is never found free in nature, appearing only in combined form with other rare earths in various minerals. It should be stored under mineral oil or in an inert atmosphere. Similar to other rare earths, praseodymium forms brightly colored compounds.

Property Name Property Value Property Name Property Value
Atomic Code (59Pr140.90765) Electronegativity 1.1Pauling's
CAS # 7440-10-0 Covalent Radius 1.65Angstroms
Electrical Resistivity @ 298°C 68.0µΩ-cm
Melting Point 935°C Crystal Structure Hexagonal
Boiling Point 3020°C Compressibility 3.21x10-6cm2/kg
Density 6.77g/cm3 Thermal Neutron Cross Section 11.2barns/atom
Themal Conductivity @ 50°C 0.28cal/cm2/cm/s/°C Magnetic Moment 3.56Bohr magnetons
Specific Heat @ 25°C 0.048cal/g°C Magnetic Susceptibility 5,320x10-6emu/mole
Heat of Fusion 1.60k-cal/g-atom Tensile Strength 15,900psi
Heat of Vaporization 79k-cal/g-atom Yield Strength 14,500psi
Atomic Volume 20.8W/D Transformation Temperature 795°C
First Ionization Energy 133K-cal/g-mole Standard Electrode Potential +2.2volts


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