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SAMARIUM (62Sm150.36)

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A rare earth metal of the lanthanide group, samarium does not occur free in nature, but is found with other rare earths in many minerals. Samarium is a lustrous, brittle, silvery-yellow metal that tarnishes in air. It is similar to iron in hardness. Samarium and cobalt, combined in SmCo<sub>5</sub>, have been used to make a permanent magnet with the highest resistance to demagnetization of any known material.

Property Name Property Value Property Name Property Value
Atomic Code (62Sm150.36) Covalent Radius 1.62Angstroms
CAS # 7440-19-9 Electrical Resistivity @ 298°C 105.0µΩ-cm
Crystal Structure Rhombohedral
Melting Point 1072°C Compressibility 3.34x10-6cm2/kg
Boiling Point 1794°C Thermal Neutron Cross Section 5500barns/atom
Density 7.52g/cm3 Magnetic Moment 1.74Bohr magnetons
Specific Heat @ 25°C 0.042cal/g°C Magnetic Susceptibility 1,275x10-6emu/mole
Heat of Fusion 2.1k-cal/g-atom Tensile Strength 18,000psi
Heat of Vaporization 46k-cal/g-atom Yield Strength 16,200psi
Atomic Volume 19.9W/D Transformation Temperature 924°C
First Ionization Energy 129K-cal/g-mole Standard Electrode Potential +2.2volts
Electronegativity 1.2Pauling's


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