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Element Description

The metallic element tungsten is not found free in nature, but in several ores. Tungsten is steel-gray to tin-white in color and, when very pure, can be forged, spun, drawn, and extruded. Impure tungsten is very brittle and difficult to work. Tungsten is very resistant to corrosion and stable in dry air at room temperature. Tungsten's melting point exceeds that of all other metals and it has the lowest vapor pressure. At temperatures over 1650°C, tungsten has the highest tensile strength.

Property Name Property Value Property Name Property Value
Atomic Code (74W183.85) Heat of Vaporization 197k-cal/g-atom
CAS # 7440-33-7 Atomic Volume 9.53W/D
First Ionization Energy 184K-cal/g-mole
Melting Point 3410°C Electronegativity 1.7Pauling's
Boiling Point 5900°C Covalent Radius 1.30Angstroms
Density 19.3g/cm3 Thermal Expansion 4.6ppm/°C
Themal Conductivity 0.40cal/cm2/cm/s/°C Electrical Resistivity @ 25°C 5.6µΩ-cm
Specific Heat @ 25°C 0.032cal/g°C Crystal Structure Cubic, body centered
Heat of Fusion 8.05k-cal/g-atom Tensile Strength 500,000psi


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