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20% Off Select Silver Products



Alfa Aesar™ silver products are used in a wide range of applications that impact everyday life, from medical and pharmaceutical research to catalysis and from energy to advanced optoelectronics.

Now until December 31st, 2018, you can take advantage of our promotional offer, 20% off a select range of silver compounds.

Among the key features of our silver products are:

  • a large selection of products manufactured to a purity of up to 99.999%  
  • batch-specific certificate of analysis for each product that specifies measured silver content as well as metallic impurities measured by
    ICP-MS to ppm levels
Alfa Aesar silver compounds


Make sure Promotional Code SILVER20 is included on your order screen to take advantage of this special offer.

Listed below are the items included in this promotion:

Stock # Description Sizes
010857 Silver chloride, Premion®, 99.997% (metals basis) 5g, 25g, 100g
010858 Silver nitrate, Premion®, 99.9995% (metals basis) 5g, 25g, 100g
011407 Silver(I) oxide, 99+% (metals basis) 25g, 100g, 500g
011416 Silver sulfide, 99% 5g, 25g, 100g
011419 Silver iodide, 99.9% (metals basis) 25g, 100g
011420 Silver carbonate, 99.5% (metals basis) 25g, 100g
011421 Silver chloride, 99.9% (metals basis) 25g, 100g, 500g
011538 Silver hexafluoroantimonate, 99% 1g, 5g, 25g
011539 Silver tetrafluoroborate, 99% 10g, 50g
011609 Silver(I) fluoride, 98% 5g, 25g
011610 Silver(II) fluoride, 98+% 2g, 10g, 50g
011660 Silver acetate, anhydrous, 99% 25g, 100g
011873 Silver hexafluorophosphate, 98% 1g, 5g, 25g
012112 Silver sulfate, Premion®, 99.999% (metals basis) 5g, 25g, 100g
012113 Silver sulfide, Premion®, 99.995% (metals basis) 5g, 25g
013933 Silver trifluoroacetate, 98% 5g, 25g
020835 Silver lactate 10g, 50g
022695 Silver(II) oxide, 98% 5g, 25g, 100g
040187 Silver(II) oxide, 99.9% (metals basis), Ag 86.6% min 5g, 25g, 100g
041443 Silver sulfate, Premion®, 99.99% (metals basis), Ag 68.9% min 25g, 100g
042209 Silver perchlorate, anhydrous 5g, 25g, 100g
042577 Silver(I) oxide, 99.99% (metals basis) 1g, 5g, 25g, 4x25g
043087 Silver nitrate, Premion®, 99.995% (metals basis), Ag 63% min 5g, 25g, 100g
043268 Silver(I) oxide, Electrical Grade 250g, 1kg
045496 Silver(I) citrate hydrate 5g, 25g, 100g
045509 Silver nanopowder, APS 20-40nm, 99.9% (metals basis) 5g, 25g
046784 Silver bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide 250mg, 1g, 5g
088722 Silver trifluoromethanesulfonate, 98% 2g, 10g, 50g



Disclaimer: Offer valid in U.S. , Canada and Europe only. Valid for orders placed on between November 13, 2018 – December 31, 2018.  Discount only applies to select products identified within the promotion. This discount will be applied to list price and cannot be used as an addition to other existing discounts currently in effect on the same products. Customer must include promo code SILVER20. Valid only in connection with the products and quantities noted, and limited to availability within local region. This offer cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. Offer void where prohibited, licensed or restricted by federal, state, provincial, or local laws or regulations or agency/institutional policy. Other restrictions may apply. This promotion is not available to our current or potential healthcare customers. Healthcare customers include any healthcare practitioner, other healthcare provider or any individual or organization authorized to prescribe, dispense, purchase or influence the acquisition or use of medical devices or supplies for clinical use. Healthcare customers include, without limitation, any “Health Care Practitioner” under the Massachusetts Marketing Code of Conduct Law (defined at 105 C.M.R §907.004) or a “Health Care Provider” under the Vermont Prescribed Products Gift Ban and Disclosure Law (defined at Vt. Stat. Ann. tit. 18, §4631a(8)). By participating in this promotion, you warrant that you are not a current or potential healthcare customer. Thermo Fisher Scientific reserves the right to determine your status in the event of a dispute.



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