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Silver is a highly versatile metal with a unique combination of intrinsic antimicrobial properties, high electrical conductivity, and ductility. The Alfa Aesar™ portfolio of silver products includes pure elements in a wide array of forms, as well as a broad range of silver compounds and alloys. Our silver products are suitable for use in a variety of applications, including wound care, catalysis, energy, and advanced optoelectronics.

In addition to our catalog range shown below, we are able to deliver up to 200 kg, of pure silver, specialized silver compounds, and silver alloys to suit your custom or bulk requirements.

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Popular Silver Products

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Pure Silver Forms


Silver Compounds


Silver Alloys


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Explore our PremionTM line of high purity precious metal compounds and pure elements. Minimum purity is 99.99% (metals basis).


Featured applications




Chemical synthesis
Many silver salts are used as precursors to other silver compounds and metallic silver as well as reagents in organic reactions such as glycosylation. They also play a role in the catalysis of chemical manufacturing processes.

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Silver zinc and silver oxide batteries used in small wearable devices as well as silver applications  in photovoltaics and fuel cells provide high energy density and environmentally-friendly options. 

Browse our zinc and silver oxides

Exhibiting superior bondability, solderability and corrosion resistance, as well as durability and high conductivity, silver products are used in electrical contacts and printed electronics for mobile devices, displays, and touchscreens.

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Medical and medical devices
A broad range of silver products including silver sulfate, silver acetate, silver nitrate and silver nanoparticles are used in sterile dressings, wound treatment, surgical instruments, and medical devices.

Browse silver sulfatesilver acetatesilver nitrate, and silver nanoparticles


Histology and proteomics
Silver salt solutions are used extensively as stains in histology to visualize intra- and extracelllar components, including proteins and DNA.

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Water purification and treatment
Because of its antimicrobial properties, silver is used in the filtration and disinfection of industrial water and to prevent bacterial buildup in pools.

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Some silver facts:

  • Silver’s symbol comes from “argentum”, the Latin word meaning “shiny” or “white.”
  • Argentina is named after silver. It is the only country to be named after a chemical element.
  • Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals.
  • Silver is used in mirrors, telescopes, microscopes, and solar panels because it has the highest degree of optical reflectivity of all elements and can reflect about 95% of the visible light spectrum.
  • Silver antibacterial properties are unique because bacteria can’t develop resistance to silver.
  • Silver nanoparticles have shown antiviral activity as well.

Reference: American Chemical Society (ACS)

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Click on image to learn the physical properties of silver or any element, as well as to select products by format or find compounds and alloys.

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Periodic table wall planner

2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT)! In celebration of 150 years of the periodic table of the elements, we are giving away, for a limited time, a 2019 wall planner.

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