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SMOPEX Pharmaceutical Metal Scavengers - Alfa Aesar

For purification of pharmaceutical process streams

The use of metal catalysts within the pharmaceutical industry allows the efficient transformation or combination of molecules that would otherwise be unfeasible. These metals, however can then become an impurity in the final product, where only very low levels of Platinum Group Metals (PGM's) are permitted. One of the most efficient ways to remove these impurities is by using a metal scavenger - Smopex®. Additionally, PGM's can often be found in waste liquors, again allowing further opportunity for metal removal with Smopex®.


  • Smopex® is offered with a range of functionalities to allow tailoring of the scavenger to the customer process.
  • Smopex® fibres are insoluble polymers that can easily be used in all organic solvents and across the pH range in aqueous systems.
  • Smopex® can be used at temperatures up to 120°C, with elevated temperatures often further increasing its extraction capabilities.
  • Smopex® can be used in both batch and fixed bed processes, allowing it to easily fit into the customer’s existing process.
  • Smopex® is offered with different backbones, each having specific physical characteristics suitable for different process streams.


  • Functional groups are located on the exterior surface of the fibre. Their accessibility ensures that reaction kinetics are fast and not diffusion limited.
  • This increased accessibility allows very high metal loadings to be achieved on the fibre.
  • The activity of Smopex® means that it is possible to recover metal down to parts per billion(ppb) levels in solution
  • All core products are available from lab scale to multi-ton quantites.
  • Four of the listed products have DMF files allowing the customer to safely use Smopex in late stage Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) syntheses.

  • Smopex®-101, metal scavenger
  • Smopex®-102, metal scavenger
  • Smopex®-105 FB, metal scavenger
  • Smopex®-105, metal scavenger
  • Smopex®-111, metal scavenger
  • Smopex®-112v, metal scavenger
  • Smopex®-234, metal scavenger
  • Smopex®-301, metal scavenger


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