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Specialty Chemicals, Metals & Materials from Alfa Aesar

High Purity Inorganics

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Known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of high purity inorganic compounds with over 30 years of experience, Alfa Aesar produces thousands of distinct materials to exacting standards for research, development and production applications. We employ a range of production vessels from 50L through 2500L to manufacture our range of inorganics, which includes chlorides, nitrites, metal oxides, double metal oxides, sulfates, sulfides, hydrides, chromates, sulfites, and more. We also offer custom synthesis and special packaging services to meet your specific requirements. All products ship with a comprehensive material safety data sheet and certificate of analysis. Our brands are recognized for purity and quality and are backed by technical and sales teams dedicated to providing the best service.



Puratronic® Inorganic compounds

The Puratronic line of base metal salts, solutions and pure elements is the leading choice of pharmaceutical and high technology companies needing the basic building blocks for many research and development processes. Each Puratronic compound has a minimum purity of 99.99% (metals basis) and each is backed by a lot-specific certificate of analysis. Our Puratronic production labs are in continuous operation and can produce batch sizes from a few grams up to hundreds of kilograms. We also have the capability to custom produce compounds of different purities and mesh sizes. 

Ultra Dry™ anhydrous salts

Alfa Aesar provides a comprehensive line of ultra dry, anhydrous salts, the first choice for air and moisture sensitive applications. Ultra Dry materials are manufactured under exacting conditions to ensure that impurities and water content are in the parts per million range. High purity starting materials are used in the manufacturing process, resulting in typical overall purities of 99.9% to 99.999%. Typical analysis is by GDMS, which ensures high accuracy and detail. All Ultra Dry salts are ampouled under argon, and most are available in -10 mesh bead and powder form. Ultra Dry anhydrous salts are available in multi-kilogram quantities.

REacton® Rare Earth Products

Through a combination of strong sourcing and manufacturing capabilities, Alfa Aesar has become a leading global producer of rare earth metals, alloys and compounds, including a wide range of oxides, chlorides, fluorides, nitrates, and trifluoromethanesulfonates. The REacton brand line, recognized as a benchmark for high purity rare earths, includes scandium and yttrium as well as the entire Lanthanide series of elements: neodymium, cerium, europium, ytterbium, lanthanum and gadolinium (excluding promethium). We also offer a range of specialty rare earths, such as sputtering sources, magnetostrictive rods, and custom preparations for numerous applications. Custom blends and solutions are also available. Custom synthesis and special packaging services are available to meet your specific requirements. All of our rare earths ship with a comprehensive material safety data sheet, and REacton brand products always include a certificate of analysis. We recognize that prompt delivery is crucial, so we always strive to meet promised delivery dates. Virtually all products listed are in stock for immediate delivery, many in bulk.

ACS certified chemicals

Alfa Aesar provides a complete line of American Chemical Society (ACS) certified chemicals. Each chemical is rigorously tested to meet the specifications set forth in the Tenth Edition of Reagent Chemicals. Most materials are in stock, and are available in quantities from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms. Alfa Aesar's line of ACS chemicals are commonly used in analytical testing, but can also be used in high purity applications. We would be pleased to discuss your packaging and shipping requirements.

Nanopowders & Dispersions

Alfa Aesar offers a wide range of nanoparticle products ranging from pure elements to oxide powders and dispersions. As an exclusive distributor of Nanophase Technologies products, Alfa Aesar stocks an extensive range of raw nanoparticles as well as nanoparticle dispersions. The Nanophase production processes produce particles with the average sizes ranging from 8-80nm from NanoArc® synthesis and from 7-60 from Physical Vapor Synthesis (PVS). Alfa Aesar also accepts requests for custom production of nanoparticle products.

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