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Spectroflux Analytical Fluxes for Analytical Techniques - Alfa Aesar


The analysis of refractory materials can be reduced to a simple, accurate procedure with the use of Spectroflux analytical fluxes.

Refractory materials such as ores, slags and minerals are often very resistant to acid attack, making the preparation of a sample solution difficult and time consuming. Selection of an effective method of disintegrating the sample matrix to a reproducible form is a prerequisite for speedy, precise and accurate analysis. Flux fusion is such a method.

Fusion with a molten alkali metal borate flux provides a rapid and simple means of dissolving chemically stable materials to yield glass-like solid solutions. This method eliminates any inhomogeneity of particle size, density or composition in the sample.

Samples of a wide variety of materials may thus be prepared in a simple manner for analysis by instrumental or chemical techniques.

Analytical Techniques

Spectroflux® analytical fluxes can be used in conjunction with the following:

  • Direct reading optical or X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers
  • Atomic absorption (AA) spectrometers
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectroscopy (ICP) techniques
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Polarographs
  • Ion selective electrodes
  • Classical analytical techniques.

Whichever method is chosen, Spectroflux® analytical fluxes offer the analyst the benefits of speed and analytical precision.

  • Spectroflux® 1000A, Lithium metaborate, fused
  • Spectroflux® 1000B, Lithium metaborate: Lithium tetraborate,80:20 w/w%, 100-500 micron
  • Spectroflux 1000B, Lithium metaborate & Lithium tetraborate, 80:20 w/w%, fused.
  • Spectroflux 1000D, Lithium metaborate & Lithium tetraborate, 64.7:35.3 w/w%, fused.
  • Spectroflux 1000, Lithium tetraborate (fused), (<800 micron)
  • Spectroflux® 1000, Lithium tetraborate (fused <800 micron), low Phosphorus
  • Spectroflux 1004 fused, Lithium tetraborate: Lithium carbonate, 90:10 w/w%, 100-500micron
  • Spectroflux 100A, Lithium metaborate
  • Spectroflux 100B, Lithium metaborate & Lithium tetraborate, 80:20 w/w%
  • Spectroflux® 100B, Lithium metaborate: Lithium tetraborate, 80:20 w/w%, 100-500 micron
  • Spectroflux 100D, Lithium metaborate & Lithium tetraborate, 64.7:35.3 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 100, Lithium tetraborate
  • Spectroflux 100, Lithium tetraborate (100-500 micron)
  • Spectroflux 100, low phosphorus, Lithium tetraborate, phosphorus <20ppm
  • Spectroflux 1010A, Lithium tetraborate & Lithium metaborate, 50:50 w/w%, fused
  • Spectroflux 1010, Lithium tetraborate & Lithium metaborate, 66.5:33.5 w/w%, fused
  • Spectroflux® 1020A, Lithium tetraborate & Lithium fluoride, 90:10 w/w%, fused
  • Spectroflux 104, Lithium tetraborate & Lithium carbonate, 55.5:44.5 w/w%
  • Spectroflux® 105A, Li2B4O7: Li2CO3: NaNO3: La2O3: NaBr, 77:10:10:2:1 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 105, Lithium tetraborate, Lithium carbonate & Lanthanum oxide, 47:37:16 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 106, Lithium tetraborate & Lanthanum oxide, 85:15 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 107, Lanthanum oxide & Lithium tetraborate, 18.2:81.8 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 108, Lithium tetraborate, Lanthanum oxide & Sodium nitrate, 76.2:14.3:9.5 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 110A, Lithium tetraborate & Lithium metaborate, 50:50 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 110, Lithium tetraborate & Lithium metaborate, 66.5:33.5 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 112, Lithium tetraborate, Lathanum oxide & Lithium Iodide, 82:15:3 w/w%
  • Spectroflux® 118A, Lithium tetraborate: Sodium nitrate, 85:15 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 118, Lithium tetraborate & Sodium nitrate, 75:25 w/w%
  • Spectroflux® 120A, Lithium tetraborate & Lithium fluoride, 90:10 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 120, Lithium tetraborate & Lithium fluoride, 80:20 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 125, 51% Lithium tetraborate, 27% Lithium metaborate, 12% Lanthanum Oxide, 10% Lithium Fluoride Fused Flux
  • Spectroflux 128, Lithium tetraborate, Lithium metaborate & Sodium nitrate, 33.0:61.5:5.5 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 155, Lithium tetraborate: Sodium iodide, 98:2 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 161A, Lithium tetraborate, Lithium metaborate, & Lithium nitrate, 45:45:10 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 161, Lithium tetraborate & Lithium nitrate, 90:10 w/w%
  • Spectroflux 200, Sodium tetraborate


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