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Vitamins - USB - Alfa Aesar

Vitamins are organic compounds required as nutrients in organisms. They are essential to normal metabolism. Organisms do not synthesize sufficient amounts of vitamins and must obtain them through their diet. Vitamins are classified by their biological and chemical activity, not their structure. Thus, each vitamin refers to a number of vitamer compounds that all show the biological activity associated with a particular vitamin family. Vitamins have diverse biochemical functions. Some vitamins, like vitamin D, have hormone-like functions as regulators of mineral metabolism while others, like vitamin E, function as antioxidants. Others still, like members of the B family of vitamins function as precursors for enzyme cofactors that help enzymes work as catalysts in metabolism. To review all biochemicals offered on this website check the main categories under Life Sciences which include both Affymetrix/USB and Alfa Aesar product options.

  • 4-Aminobenzoic acid (PABA), 98.5-101.5% (dry basis), Affymetrix/USB
  • Choline chloride, 98+% (dry basis), Affymetrix/USB
  • Cocarboxylase, 93+% (dry basis), Affymetrix/USB
  • DL-alpha-Lipoic acid, 98+% (dry basis), Affymetrix/USB
  • Ergocalciferol, 97.0-103.0%, Affymetrix/USB
  • Niacinamide, 98.5-101.5% (dry basis), Affymetrix/USB
  • Vitamin K1, 97.0-103.0%, Affymetrix/USB


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