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New Research Chemicals Catalog/Handbook
from Alfa Aesar

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The 2008-09 Catalog of Research Chemicals, Metals and Materials from Alfa Aesar is now available.

The new catalog features over 3,000 new products, many of which are novel fine organics, including hundreds of new boronic acids, silanes and silanols, chiral diamines, fluorochemicals and more. Other new products include nano-materials, base metal fuel cell catalysts, fuel cell components, pure metals, alloys, analytical standards and catalyst/ligand kits.

While the technical content of other chemical catalogs has been cut back, the Alfa Aesar catalog has been extensively augmented with thousands of new and updated literature references, application notes, synonym listings and other specification details. Molecular structure diagrams are included for most chemicals, and the catalog is extensively indexed by Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) number, stock number and molecular formula. The product listings for all hazardous substances are also enhanced with hazard pictograms and risk and safety phrases.

In addition to chemical compounds, the catalog includes special sections listing pure elements, alloys, analytical products, precious metal compounds and catalysts, labware and equipment.

A new 14-page introduction has been added to the Precious Metal Compounds and Catalysts section. Authored by recognized catalyst expert Martyn Twigg, the introduction briefly covers the history of precious metal catalysis, then proceeds with sections on general catalytic requirements for industrial applications, unsupported metal catalysts, supported catalysts, and homogeneous catalysts.

The catalog includes seven appendices, each focusing on a separate area of chemistry: organophosphorous intermediates, phase-transfer reactions, isocyanates and isothiocyanates, silylation and silanes in organic synthesis, boronic acids, peptide reagents, and fluorinating agents in organic chemistry.

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