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Alfa Aesar offers a broad selection of Carbone of America Ultra Carbon graphite analytical products, including emission spectrographic electrodes and rotrodes; atomic absorption furnace tubes; and gas analysis, fusion and pyrolytic coated crucibles. Ultra Carbon originated the F graphite purification process in 1945. Today these high purity graphite products are continuously proven in laboratories throughout the world and remain the benchmark by which all others are measured.


Two levels of graphite purity are used in Ultra Carbon products:

Ultra F Purity 99.9995%- most stock electrodes, rods, and powders are of this purity level.

Ultra Superior Purity 99.9999%- available on request and recommended where an extremely low level blank concentration is required for low ppm and ppb determinations.

Certificates of Analysis detailing maximum allowable spot impurities, elements sought and detection levels using spectrographic analysis are available for Ultra F Purity and Ultra Superior Purity graphite products.


The following grades of graphite materials are used in Ultra Carbon products:

AGKSP & U-2: adaptable to a wide range of spectrographic applications. AGKSP is recommended where very high thermal conductivity, uniform porosity, and structure are principal requirements.

U-7/SPK: a high density, extruded material offering high oxidation resistance, extremely low permeability to liquids and smooth burning characteristics. Its low thermal conductivity enables a high heat concentration to be maintained in the sample zone.

UF-4S: an extruded graphite specially adaptable as a crucible material and available on special order for other applications.

YU-40: an unpurified form of extruded graphite with the same properties as UF-4S.

Graphite Powders

The following grades of graphite powders are available:

UCP-1 Briquetting Grade: Natural graphite used primarily for briquetting purposes.

UCP-2 Conducting Grade: Synthetic graphite formulated for use in diluting powdered samples. Controls the evaporation of elements in the plasma and prevents beading effect in the arc.

UCP-1-U Universal Grade: Natural graphite that is suitable for either briquetting or as a diluent in preparing powdered samples.

UCP-1-M Microcrystal Grade: Natural graphite for those who require extremely small particle size.

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