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Tween 20 washing buffer, 2% in PBS (20X) - J61419 - Alfa Aesar

J61419 Tween 20 washing buffer, 2% in PBS (20X)

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Tween 20 washing buffer, 2% in PBS (20X)

Propriétés chimiques

It is soluble in water.


PBS (Phosphate Buffered Saline) and Tween 20 are used as a wash buffer in immunolabeling techniques. Tween 20 is added to promote more effective washings, resulting in decreased non-specific background staining. Tween 20 is also known to promote reagent spreading in automated staining methodologies. 20X PBS Tween-20 is a space-saving stock solution that is ideal for preparing PBS-Tween (PBS-T) wash buffers for ELISA, Western and other immunoassays as well as a blocking buffer for plate-based assays.


Store at 4°C in tightly closed container. Avoid inhalation. Wash thoroughly after handling. Avoid prolonged or repeated exposure.

Références bibliographiques

G Englerblum.; M Meier.; J Frank.; GA Muller. Reduction of background problems in nonradioactive Northern and Southern blot analyses enables higher sensitivity than 32 P-based hybridizations. Analytical biochemistry. 1993, 210, (2), 235-244.

P Casali.; PH Lambert. Purification of soluble immune complexes from serum using polymethylmetacrylate beads coated with conglutinin or C1q. Application to the analysis of the components of in vitro formed immune complexes and of immune complexes occurring in vivo during leishmaniasis. Clin Exp Immunol. 1993, 37, (2), 295-309.

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