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Click chemistry is a newer approach to synthesis that makes use of simple, rapid and reliable reactions. It has several benefits over other synthesis approaches such as being orthogonal to conventional methods and occurring under relatively mild conditions. Click functionalities are inert to most biological macromolecules. The reactions also proceed with high, almost quantitative yields. These benefits have made click chemistry reactions a popular method of introducing labels and other tags to biomolecules. The most popular click chemistry reaction is the Huisgen 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of alkynes to azides, which is generally carried out with catalysis by copper (I), or by introduction of an azide to a strain-promoted cyclooctyne. Alfa Aesar offers a range of products designed for conjugating and labelling biological molecules through click reactions.

  • 15-Azido-4,7,10,13-tetraoxapentadecanoic acid
  • 1-Amino-11-azido-3,6,9-trioxaundecane
  • 1-Amino-3,6,9,12-tetraoxapentadec-14-yne
  • 3-Azido-1-propylamine
  • 3'-Azido-3'-deoxythymidine, 98%
  • Acetylene-PEG4-biotin conjugate
  • Acetylene-PEG4-carboxyrhodamine 110 conjugate
  • Acetylene-PEG4-maleimide
  • Acetylene-PEG4-sulforhodamine B conjugate
  • Azadibenzocyclooctyne acid
  • Azadibenzocyclooctyne-amine
  • Azadibenzocyclooctyne-maleimide
  • Azadibenzocyclooctyne-NHS ester, with 4 carbon linker
  • Azadibenzocyclooctyne-PEG4-alcohol
  • Azadibenzocyclooctyne-PEG4 amine
  • Azadibenzocyclooctyne-PEG4-maleimide
  • Azadibenzocyclooctyne-PEG4-NHS ester
  • Azadibenzocyclooctyne-PEG, MW 10,000
  • Azadibenzocyclooctyne-PEG, MW 5,000
  • Azadibenzocyclooctyne-S-S-PEG3-biotin conjugate
  • Azido-PEG11-biotin conjugate
  • Azido-PEG3-biotin conjugate
  • Azido-PEG3-carboxyrhodamine 110 conjugate
  • Azido-PEG3-carboxytetramethylrhodamine 110 conjugate
  • Azido-PEG3-maleimide Kit
  • Azido-PEG3-sulforhodamine 101 conjugate
  • D-Propargylglycine, 97%
  • N-Succinimidyl 15-azido-4,7,10,13-tetraoxapentadecanoate
  • N-Succinimidyl 3-(propargyloxy)propionate
  • N-Succinimidyl 4,7,10,13,16-pentaoxanonadec-18-ynoate
  • Propargyl alcohol, 99%
  • Propargylamine, 98%
  • Propargylamine hydrochloride, 95%
  • (R)-3-Amino-5-hexynoic acid hydrochloride, 95%
  • (S)-3-Amino-5-hexynoic acid hydrochloride, 95%

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