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Gel electrophoresis separates fragments of nucleic acid that differ in size, charge or conformation. When charged molecules are placed in an electric field, they migrate toward either the positive or negative pole according to their charge. In contrast to proteins, which can have either a net positive or net negative charge, nucleic acids have a consistent negative charge imparted by their phosphate backbone, and migrate toward the anode during gel electrophoresis. The length of DNA/RNA generally determines its migration in the gel, with shorter DNA fragments traveling faster, while the longer fragments remain closer to the origin of the gel. This results in separation based on size. Oligonucleotide gels may be composed of either agarose or polyacrylamide. Agarose gels are more common for oligonucleotide separation, except for small fragments of DNA, which are usually purified using polyacrylamide. Alfa Aesar supplies reagents for oligonucleotide electrophoresis in acrylamide or agarose matrices.

  • Agarose D1-LE, molecular biology grade
  • Agarose, Electrophoresis Grade
  • Agarose gel loading dye (6X), alkaline
  • Agarose gel loading dye (6X), Ficoll based
  • Agarose gel loading dye (6X), glycerol based
  • Agarose gel loading dye (6X), glycerol based, bromophenol free
  • Agarose gel loading dye (6X) glycerol based, Xylene Cyanol FF free
  • Agarose gel loading dye (6X), sucrose based
  • Agarose, Genetic Technology Grade
  • Agarose, high gelling temperature, Molecular Biology Reagent
  • Agarose, high melting temperature, high resolution
  • Agarose, high melting temperature, medium resolution
  • Agarose LM, low melt, for recovery of samples after separation
  • Agarose, low EEO
  • Agarose, low gelling temperature, Molecular Biology Reagent
  • Agarose ME, for electrophoresis of macromolecules
  • Agarose MS8, molecular sieve grade, for small DNA fragments

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