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Alfa Aesar is pleased to offer this complete range of laboratory products in PTFE. PTFE is uniquely suitable for many laboratory applications because of its almost total chemical inertness and its wide range of working temperatures with an upper limit of about 290°C. Additionally, PTFE has a built-in safety factor since the material remains rigid if heated above its notional melting point of 327°C, and articles in PTFE do not melt and deform if overheated although some decomposition will commence at about 400°C.

PTFE is the most important member of a family of fluoropolymers which are characterized by exceptional chemical inertness and a wide range of working temperatures.

PTFE is processed using the technology of powder forming with final sintering at about 390°C. Because of the method of processing formed PTFE may contain microscopic voids which, under some circumstances, may be penetrated by certain chemical reagents - no reaction will occur, but some discoloration may be noticed. Likewise, because of the method of processing, some shedding of the surface may occur at PTFE-PTFE interfaces.

PTFE is one of the best non-stick materials known.


  • Clarity is Opaque
  • m.p. °C is 327
  • Max temp continuous use °C is 260-290
  • Max temp intermittent use °C is 315
  • Coefficient of friction - static is 0.01
  • Chemical resistance is Excellent
  • Electrical resistance is Excellent

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