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Specpure® is the registered trademark for Alfa Aesar’s comprehensive offering of spectrochemical analytical standard solutions.

Specpure® standards are unsurpassed in accuracy, purity, and quality. Each product is guaranteed for one year from ship date and is supported by Alfa Aesar’s outstanding customer and technical service.

Each Alfa Aesar Specpure® standard is shipped with:

  • A detailed Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Individual expiration date sticker

We manufacture Specpure® solutions using the highest purity raw materials and ASTM Type 1 deionized water. Alfa Aesar’s Atomic Absorption standards solutions are accurate to ±1.0% and the Plasma solutions to ±0.3%.

Quality is assured by our adherence to strict QC standards, including:

  • Balances are routinely calibrated using NIST-traceable reference weights.
  • Class A volumetric labware is regularly calibrated.
  • All containers are inertness-tested, washed, preleached and triple rinsed in high purity water.

Alfa Aesar’s single-element aqueous standards (both AA and plasma grades) are assayed using the High Performance ICP method (HP-ICP-AES) developed by NIST. This assures that these standards have the highest accuracy and the lowest uncertainty of any commercially available standards. Both the assayed concentration and the uncertainty are directly traceable to NIST-SRMs.

Alfa Aesar’s high purity starting materials, years of manufacturing expertise, and ISO certified quality systems ensure a dependable analytical product. Specpure® - the standard solutions you can trust.

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