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9005-38-3 - Alginic acid sodium salt, very low viscosity - Algin - Polymannuronic acid sodium salt - A18565 - Alfa Aesar

A18565 Alginic acid sodium salt, very low viscosity

CAS 번호
Polymannuronic acid sodium salt

사이즈 가격 ($) 수량 재고 여부
100g 27.30
500g 82.80
2500g 358.00
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Alginic acid sodium salt, very low viscosity


화학적 특성

Soluble in water.


It is a hematologic agent, drug that acts on blood and blood-forming organs and those that affect the hemostatic system. sodium alginate has been used in warp sizing, packing and printing. In printing, it is an ideal kind of material with wide applications in the cotton, wool, silk and synthetic fiber. Sodium alginate is widely used in food industry such as it is the main material of seaweed, synthetic grape and synthetic cherry, it is taken as a stabilizer of ice cream and ice cream bar because of its dense organization and slow solution speed. It is also the main material of the dainty cold powder and jelly, As a stabilizer of cake (such as cookies, bread, fine dried noodle, chocolates) and a polish of bread, sodium alginate can keep the cookies sweet-smelling and avoid falling to pieces, and make the noodle smooth and reduce breaking ratio of noodle and fragmentation of bread. Sodium alginate is also a good thickener of jam, chili sauce, jelly, tomato ketchup, fishpaste, pudding and salad flavoring.


Store away from oxidizing agents and bases. Keep the container tightly closed and place it in a cool, dry and well ventilated condition.

참조 문헌

Kunio Ishikawa.; Youji Miyamoto.; Masayuki Kon.; Masaru Nagayama.; Kenzo Asaoka. Non-decay type fast-setting calcium phosphate cement: composite with sodium alginate.Biomater.,1995,16(7), 527-532.

Toshiya Takahashi.; Kozo Takayama.; Yoshiharu Machida.; Tsuneji Nagai. Characteristics of polyion complexes of chitosan with sodium alginate and sodium polyacrylate.Int. J. Pharm.1990,61(1-2), 35-41.

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